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Q: Why don’t you have family trees with more than 8        generations?

A: The standard size of paper we use limits the      number of generations we can create.  Anymore      generations and there wouldn’t be enough room in      the spaces to fill in the names.

Q: Why do you need my Email address on the order       form?

A: Sometimes, we have questions about your order       when it arrives, so we Email you for clarification.        We do not use them for any other purpose.  We do       not sell or share them with others for any reason.

Q: I need a tree that shows my children.  Do you have      one?

A: Yes, because of many requests, we have created a      family tree which includes both ancestors and      descendants.  It is called HOPE.

Q: What is your best selling family tree?


Q: Do you fill in the names on the family trees?

A: We only sell blank family trees.  See “How To Fill In      A Family Tree” for instructions.

Q: I tried to “load” the CD, but nothing happens.

A: The CDs contain family tree images which can be      imported into any existing graphics program you      already have on your computer.  

Q: Do you sell family trees at wholesale rates?

A: Yes.  We sell to shops, genealogical societies and      non-profit organizations.   If you are interested,      send us an Email of inquiry.

Frequently Asked Questions