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Use CD images to create t-shirts which celebrate your heritage.  Great for wearing on those trips to the library and grave yards!

Use black and white images from our clip-art book PAPER TREES to project onto a wall to create a wall size family tree which will grab everyone’s attention!

Fill in one of our family trees and auction it at your next family reunion!  Great way to raise money to support your reunions or family newsletters!

Have family members sign their own names into a 4 or 5 generations family tree!  An amazing heirloom for future generations!


Find documents with your ancestors’ original signatures.  Scan the signatures into your computer.  Select one of our CD family tree images and “paste” the signatures into their appropriate spaces!

Print a CD family tree image onto a transfer sheet – remember to “reverse” the image before printing!  Iron it onto a tote-bag.  Great for carrying your research materials with you to the library!

Enlarge a black and white image from one of our books to create a template for a craft project!  You can paint your family tree onto a coffee table, and old keepsake chest, or a firescreen.

Use one of our CD family tree images to create your own personal mouse pad.  Kits are available at many craft stores!

CD images help you create great cards!  Print on half of a standard piece of cardstock and fold in half.  You can find colorful envelopes at stationary stores or online.

Take along a page size family tree on your research trips.  Use images from our CDs.

Use CD images to create place mats for your next family get together!

Reduce a CD  image down to the size of a shipping label.  Put  a tiny picture frame around it and hang it over the mantel in a doll house.

Ideas for Projects