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Genealogical Clip-Art

by Tony Matthews

ISBN:  9780806316079


A collection of 90+ black and white family tree images culled from our early years and already demonstrating a wide range of subjects and design shapes.  A family tree doesn’t have to look like a tree, and most careers, hobbies and interests have images which can be utilized in your family tree.  As with all of our books, you may make copies for your personal use, but not for profit or gain.


NH Genealogical Record, April 1999

A unique collection of hand-drawn family trees and charts.  These can be filled in and colored as you desire.  You may photo-copy, photo-reduce, scan, whatever you choose for use with your family, relatives, reunion, whatever.  All these family trees are ancestral trees, starting with yourself, or whoever you select for the beginning.  Some are quite whimsical while others are very ornate.  The variety should satisfy all peoples needs.  If you are not an artist, or not able to come up with different designs, then this little book is probably for you.

Arthur Louis Finnell
Pilgrim Newsletter, Vol 87 #4, Spring 2000

This is indeed a unique collection of hand-drawn family trees and charts which you can fill in and color yourself.  Each design is original and available as clip-art for all sorts of uses.

What a great use for note cards and stationery. There is no limit to what you can do with it if you use your imagination.  A truly great collection that can be used for years to provide keepsakes for family members.  You will want to have this just to enjoy the art work and enhance that next family reunion.

Southern Echoes, Vol 21 #9

Need a different kind of genealogical chart?  How about one that has your ancestors etched on elephant ears?

The author (designer) has hand-drawn fanciful unique ancestral charts to fill in and add color to make them all your own.  Each one starts with YOU and works backwards on the theory that YOU are Number 1!!

Where do you use these charts?  Well, the author suggests a regular paper chart for display, but also mentions announcements [what a unique way to send out a notice of a birth?], book covers, greeting cards, mugs, newsletter designs, note paper, notebook dividers, research aids, reunion notices, and the ever reliable T-shirt!

The idea is to photocopy the illustration and proceed to use it as is, or to make it larger or smaller, to fill in names with your favorite type, pen, calligraphy or original style, and to create your own “tree,” embellishing as you go.  Explanations are given for the theory of 1 of you, 2 parents, 4 grandparents, etc.

So, put a little fun in your serious business of finding out how your arrival happened to be what it is. Surround your family with hearts, flowers, birds, documents, modes of transportation, or put them in the desert, on a windmill, in a spider’s web, on a turtle’s back, in a brick wall [appropriate for those for whom you have reached “the brick wall”] or let them fly up on eagles wings.

Have fun!


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